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Come join Leila as she teaches her next session of Belly Dancing! Learn from the best how to move and shape your body, all while having fun!Special NEW Summer Classes.

New BELLY DANCE Group Classes


Now Forming – Call Us for More Info

Time – 7:00-8:00pm

$80 per person for 4 weeks



Now Forming – Call Us for More Info

Time – 8:00-9:00pm

$80 per person for 4 weeks


Come experience a great class and full body workout. Why go to the gym when you can have fun dancing and getting the same or even better workout! Dance and have fun as your movements isolate and target different parts of your body.  Belly dancing is a total body workout targeting the hips, shoulders, chest, stomach and more!  In much of belly dance, there is a focus upon the core muscles which strengthen and tone your physique from the inside out! Look better and gain energy through Leila’s popular – Belly dance classes and workshops at Continental Dance Club in Bloomfield, NJ!

Note:Classes occur consecutively for 4 weeks and are held on every Thursday. Comfortable clothing and energy are a must! This will be the much anticipated Veil Workshop!  One Class Session.

 Ready to get started?

 Register HERE!

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