About Felicia Lee Banks

Felicia-Lee-BanksFelicia Lee Banks

Felicia Lee Banks is a dancer, choreographer, business owner, television personality, volunteer, and so much more.  Felicia has been nicknamed “the BMW,” or the Blond Miracle Worker, “sassy spit-fire,” and “the woman who carries a big stick.”  Felicia Lee Banks is Continental.

Felicia Lee Banks is responsible for bringing the joy of dancing to thousands of people during her colorful and eventful career. Considered a dance expert in New Jersey, Felicia is an elementary school teacher by education and a dance teacher by chance; a chance she grew into a far-reaching, diverse career. She first discovered her love of dancing as a young girl when she enrolled in ballet class. This led to further experiences in the areas of tap,jazz, and modern.

As a competitor, Felicia was the recipient of the Top Teacher’s Award seven consecutive times, reflecting her talents in a wide variety of ballroom and Latin dances. She has judged several competitions including New Jersey Network’s (NJN’s) Hispanic Youth Showcase Talent Search at the NJPAC.  Felicia Lee Banks has also taught master classes for Dance Educators of America (DEA).

Felicia has been featured as a recurring guest on the popular talk show, “Las Comadres con Gloria B.”  Millions of Latinos have woken up to Felicia on “Despierta America,” and Felicia has danced through the television and into the hearts of the people of NJ on News12. She has appeared on Univision’s “Sabado al Mediodia,” and numerous times on NJN’s “Images/Imagenes;” once discussing the history of Latin dancing, and again on a show about Argentine Tango (which was nominated for an Emmy). Felicia has also put good use of her skills as a graduate of the Barbizon School of Modeling, while being featured in a pharmaceutical television commercial doing what she does best, teaching dance.

If you’ve ever caught a glimpse of “Dancing With the Stars,” you have an idea of what Felicia’s studio looks like.  Felicia has taught the likes of NFL superstar David Tyree, Channel 9 news anchor Brenda Blackmon, Latin music star Frankie Negron, among others.  There’s no wonder why celebrities choose Felicia when looking for the best!

Felicia had the distinguished honor of being the opening act for Eddie Palmieri while on tour at the Expo Theater at Fort Monmouth, NJ. Additionally, Felicia has appeared dancing to the live music of both Celia Cruz and Johnny Pacheco.

Always with a mind to help people, Felicia has given her time to help many charities.  Felicia has volunteered her services to raise money for foundations such as Jerry Lewis’ Muscular Dystrophy Telethon, March Of Dimes, Cerebral Palsy and the American Cancer Society.  Felicia has also volunteered at Kiddie Keep Well Camp in Edison, working to bring music and dance into the lives of underprivileged children.  In addition, Felicia has also worked with urban, inner-city youth in the heart of Newark, NJ at La Casa de Don Pedro.  Furthermore, Felicia was the first dance teacher associated with an Essex County youth based program in which she taught various dances to high school students.

When you are ready to learn to dance, Felicia can help you find the ability you never knew you had. Felicia will make you fearless on the dance floor!