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Continental Dance Club would like to thank everyone who attended our party and we are more than thrilled to continue the upward climb of bringing the Continental Dance Club experience to Kenilworth and the surrounding areas!


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Saturday, Sept. 9

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

4 weeks – $65

Single Sessions – $20


Call to reserve your spot, classes fill fast!

Join Leila as she teaches you the moves and routines of the highly popular belly dancing. Tone and shape your body through fun-filled group dance classes. Learn the history behind the dance, gain confidence in your body, and improve your health with this next session of belly dancing. Beginner and advanced classes available.

Contact us today to reserve a spot in the next block of our Belly Dancing Classes. Belly Dancing Classes are offered at night to conveniently accommodate students and their work schedules.

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NEW Argentine Tango Group Class

Call for Schedule!

$80 per person for 4 weeks

All group classes include FREE practice socials.

Every Friday night from 9:00-10:30 pm.


Our Argentine Tango Workshop classes are the perfect way to socialize and have fun while learning to dance. No matter what culture you are from, dancing is a world-wide event. It is a fun and upbeat dance that will not only make you look good on the dance floor but also physically!

All group classes include FREE social nights. Social nights are the perfect way to practice your new salsa dance moves with other students. As always, instructors and advanced students are happy to dance with you and help you tweak your new dance moves to perfection!

Note: For all students registering for our group classes, please make sure you avoid rubber soles (such as in all sneakers and sandals) as they will make your new moves difficult to perform. Aside from that, head on over to Continental Dance Club in Kenilworth, NJ and learn to dance today!

Ready to get started? Sign Up Today!


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